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About the Founder

Hello, I am Samuel. I hope to share my work as an actor and director in film and theatre.

The Story of the Premiere

In 2017, my mother gave me a MoviePass card for an unlimited amount of movies over the course of a year. I decided to see every movie premiere in 2018 and document my thoughts on each one.

Welcome to my cinematic journey.Thank you for visiting The Premiere.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and questions on the movies and the articles. In each article, I will give the film a rating. See an explanation of the ratings below.

Film Ratings

At the end of each post introducing a new movie, I will offer a final take on the film. This is a recommendation based on my judgement of the movie. I welcome differing opinions and I believe that a person’s opinion of a piece of art can evolve, so please comment on the posts or send me a message with your thoughts. The ratings are divided into four categories:

  • Must See – this movie must be seen as soon as possible and as many times as possible. It is an extraordinary film. This rating is reserved for the very best.
  • Should See – this movie should be seen while it is in the theatre if possible. It is a good film and merits your time and attention.
  • Maybe See – this movie could be seen in the theatre or could be seen when it goes to DVD or online-streaming. It is a decent film with some meaningful moments, but it is not worth going out of your way to see.
  • Don’t See – this movie should not be seen. I believe that even terrible, boring, or unimaginative movies contain at least some moments of value, so this rating is reserved for only the worst films, those that completely waste your time, support corruptive themes or messages, disrespect human dignity and values, and so on.
This blog is not sponsored by MoviePass. I personally recommend that you visit their website here.

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